Product Development - Video

From Smoke and Mirrors to Full Production: Product Development.


Like many products in development, with this project, there was a gap between the development of the idea and the tangible, usable product that potential customers would be able to see. With this phase of the project, we ushered the process from intangible to tangible product.

The Challenge

The big challenge in this phase of the project was taking the product from concept to conclusion. At the start of the project, it was up to us to help show prospective customers the unique value of a product that didn’t actually have any working “screens” that customers could yet see. In other words, we had to get our imaginations going, so as to incite the imaginations of the client's customer base.

How We Helped

We knew that to keep this product and project viable, we had to sell the prototype —but without the actual product to show off, we had to start by creating a series of infographics that would illustrate how the product worked. We created a number of graphics that showed customers how to use the product, step by step. But we didn’t stop there. Next, we also turned the infographics into a video that helped bring the entire idea to life.

That worked well, and did its job, but when the time came and the screens were actually created, we had even more tools in our toolbox to show customers what was possible.

Once those screens were available—essentially meaning that the product was nearing completion and nearly ready for launch—we moved on from the infographic and infographic-heavy video into a full, live-action video setup. Our team repurposed the exact script we had used with the infographics, this time using live actors to bring the concept to life.

The Results

With live actors demonstrating the product, the Kodak Alaris customer base now had a simple way to see, hear and feel how the product would work—helping them fully grasp the product’s benefits.

Essentially, our team took the product from a simple concept with nothing yet to demonstrate, all the way through to a conclusion, and our client was thrilled with the results.