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Raquel Bowles > Case Study: Video Promo/Explainer

Developing a strong video message, even on a limited budget.


The KC2 concept was an end-to-end solution allowing professional photographers to sell both digital and print products, all from one user-friendly platform.

The Challenge

The people behind startup products often have a similar challenge - how to pay for the type of marketing that will get them noticed, while also managing the other financial challenges that come with launching a product without revenue already coming in the door. For many new businesses, that challenge has meant shying away from advertising options like marketing videos or online commercials, since they often require a big budget to develop a message and produce the content.

How We Helped

I needed to help my clients at Kodak Alaris understand that high marketing spends were not the only route that would help them see success. With the advent of social media, we had another very viable option: online video and ThinkMojo.

I worked closely with the team to create a clear, concise strategy and message that they could use for a series of advertising videos. I helped the team develop a strong value proposition and script, and then brought in the professionals at ThinkMojo to actually create the videos.

The End Result

With my more than 18 years of experience in marketing and promotion, I was able to leverage the skills and expertise of my network to create a series of videos that my client could be proud of sharing with the world.

With a few short weeks of tackling this challenge, the client had two strong, effective marketing videos. Today, whether they access the videos on a smartphone or from their desktop computers, KC2’s potential customers see a professional, polished message.