Prototype to Product

Where there is smoke there is fire.


The KC2 Software concept was a platform with a mission of merging the ease of digital photography with the professionalism and traditions of print photography. This allows photographers to provide their clients with a full spectrum of options, and allows consumers to get their photography needs met, all in one place.

The Challenge

Kodak Alaris had an important trade show looming and we knew the software prototype would not be ready in time. To show potential clients the benefits of the software—which was still in development at the time—they needed a polished landing page we could use to talk to prospects about. Since screenshots of the actual product were not yet available, we needed to get creative to accomplish this task.

How We Helped

At the time of the trade show, infographics were one of the hottest marketing trends around. We decided that the visual nature of an infographic would be an ideal way to explain how KC2 worked and the issues that the product could solve for clients. To ensure our client got the very best, we partnered with a top infographic company, Lemonly, to create a stellar visual. That helped our client shine at the trade show.

Following that effort, the product began to get noticed. We continued to develop a more sophisticated marketing campaign, including a website that animated the infographic to push our client's consistent message to their customers.

As the product matured and became a prototype,  the approach was to show the actual demonstrable features and benefits of KC2, to encourage photography professionals to sign on. The challenge here was to make the client’s website stand out from competitors, since the product did indeed offer unique competitive advantages, even in its infancy. Our messaging informed prospects about the increased profits, the ease of use and the “all in one” solution that KC2 provided. We tapped the talents of Mason Digital to design the beautiful, functional site.


The Results

Through our efforts, our client was able to create a strong message and value proposition, even during the “smoke and mirrors” phase when no demonstrable product existed.

Subsequently, the client got a more evolved website that appealed to consumers and well as photography and lab professionals. Today, consumers look to KC2 as the solution for today’s photography market.