Creating Differentiation in Product Lines with Packaging

Creating Differentiation in Product Lines with Packaging

Image of CBD labels


Ness Goods China was creating a CBD line called “Nessence” that included a balm and tincture. The product line had 4 types - Awake, Sleep, SoftGel and Youth. They needed help determining the product information to be included on the label from the exact ingredients to calories as well as the legal requirements of a product that included CBD in its formulation.

The Challenge

Keeping up to date on the rules of packaging products is one thing. Keeping up with what seems like the daily rewriting of the rules around cannabis, CBD and hemp products is another. Companies have to be careful of any health claims as well as how to keep these products out of the hands of children. Ness Goods had a sticky situation as they were developing a product for younger consumers.

They also had the usual problems companies have with differentiating between product lines that are under the same brand name.

How I Helped

Working with their in house designer, I determined the best way to distinguish between the products was to use color. We created 3 designs for each product line under the brand for them to choose from. Each "type" of the product was color coded so customers could easily select what they wanted at a dispensary or online.

The Results

The client had beautiful easy to recognize packaging for the products that fell under the Nessence brand.