CRM & Data Anaylsis

Cannabis Email Development for B2B (Dispensary Buyers)



Finch and Sons is a family and close friends who provides high quality cannabis products and wants to change the negative stigma associated with cannabis use. Quality is incredibly important to them— and that’s why they spend the extra time, effort and expense to make sure they get it right, every time. They hold themselves to the highest standards. They rigorously test every batch for purity, potency and flavor, because they believe their customers deserve a consistent, reliable product.

The company was looking for innovative ways to market and sell their product and reached out to me for solutions.

The Challenge

How do you get a brand in front of Cannabis dispensary buyers when the ONLY way to get to their attention is via email? Dispensaries do not like "walk in" sales and prefer to set up a meeting via email first.

This company was also fully licensed and legal which meant we had to participate in completely legal sales practices against a large percentage of the market that did not follow the same rules. For example, I could not deliver samples to a buyer during an in- person sales meeting. A distribution team had to handle the samples for us per the legal requirements of California. Samples would arrive days after I had left and they met with another series of reps from other brands that illegally left product behind.

One thing about this market is that the pricing of products is a race to the bottom so this puts pressure on profits especially if you are legal. That means paying taxes, using proper packaging and testing. The executive team and I figured out a price point that we thought made us competitive but also allowed for enough margin.

How I Helped

The executive team and I determined quickly that this was an in person sales situation but also we had to do something about brand awareness and nurturing the sales process via email. This would allow us to bring together the business message via email and the samples at the same time. I quickly designed emails in MailChimp with the help of their internal design team and created the right messaging about pricing and quality. I hit the streets and when an email opened a door, I followed up with an in - person sales pitch and presentation. 

The Results

I was able to implement a proper start to a CRM and marketing funnel that created brand awareness and started the nurturing process in an extremely competitive environment. Email campaigns to buyers received a 30% open rate on first hit and 57% open rate on second hit - conversion to samples were at 29%. These campaigns increased unique visitors to the website by 404% and visits to the website overall were up 255%.