Strategy - Go To Market


Scholar's App is a platform that automates the entire scholarship process from Application through review. Serves four channels.

Scholar's App connects donors with qualified candidates. Using their full suite of tools–you can post your listing, receive completed applications, collaborate with your review committee, and send award notifications. For counselors, Scholar's App connects them with the resources to support each student on their journey to college. View scholarships matched specifically to their students and track their applications every step of the way. For Students, Scholar's App is a platform that connects them to verified scholarships and helps track the entire financial aid process. Easily create a profile, search for scholarships, and submit applications online.

The Challenge

Scholar's App had achieved a 96% install rate at the high schools in Hawaii. They needed to take that success and scale. They called on me to help design a strategy to reach four channels (students aged 14 -23, parents, counselors, and donors) with a limited budget across the rest of the US. We had a short time to get some "points on the board."

How I Helped

Scholar's App is an innovative platform working to aid the current student debt crisis by connecting students to verified scholarship opportunities. I've had the privilege of working directly with their CEO to develop a marketing strategy to reach students, parents, high school counselors, and potential scholarship backers. We developed accurate user personas, a coherent brand identity, and a messaging strategy to generate initial interest.

The Result

We are continuing to improve Scholar App's customer acquisition cost across email and all other digital marketing channels through detailed performance analytics and strategic adjustments. Thank you to the Scholar's App team for allowing me to support such an incredible organization!