Local Marketing


Local marketing has a different set of needs and marketing tools that can be used. Sometimes the marketing is simple, and a solid LinkedIn lead campaign with an email funnel is enough. At other times, it creates an entire social media presence and a yearly calendar to get the client up to speed in attracting prospects. You have to keep in mind how small these budgets can be. Bad ad placements or broken website links can hurt these businesses tremendously so you have to be alert and watch KPIs daily.

The Challenge

I had the unique opportunity to help a local business, NetMinded, start its digital marketing efforts from the ground floor. They're a fantastic resource for small businesses that need a trusted third party to handle their IT support as well as their cyber mitigation plans.

The challenge is that their prospects need them when they are "hacked" or have an issue. Prospects need them like the police or fire department - when the house is on fire.

How can you ideally stay in front of an audience and time the conversion?

How I Helped

Successfully scaled their social media presence from a minimal amount of followers to a robust client acquisition stream using original content, referrals, and an email program.


Automating their email program to keep an endless stream of prospects at the top of the funnel through conversion has been starting to see some results.