The Raquel Bowles Playbook

Cannabis Marketing 101: The Playbook

We constantly see business owners who almost instantly glaze over the instant that you start to talk to them about their marketing and sales department.  Marketing is hard, we get that… but there are some tried and true marketing principles that just work – whatever industry you are in.

Here at Raquel Bowles, we have The Playbook. It features proven strategies and reliable tools that we know will work for all of our clients regardless of where they are in their business journey. Although we may use the same “concepts” each client does come to us with a unique need or challenge. We adapt all our concepts to your needs.

The Playbook contains the following components:

Understanding the Customer Journey

This is the most important component for a business. This is like a map you create that follows all the ways in which your customer gains access to your products.

For example, you sell concentrates through a distribution team…think through every step your consumer will be touched throughout the entire process –

You – Website – social – consumer

Distribution team – Dispensary – Bud Tender – Consumer

Dispensary – Bud Tender –  consumer

Once you see each touch point clearly, start to create communication strategies for each point. This is called omni-channel marketing! You are already an expert!

Channel Strategy  –

This is your strategy of each customer touchpoint. This is where the most innovative and creative programs are developed to reach your audiences.

Prototype to Product –

We can walk through the steps from marketing with a prototype and gaining investors to getting that product to market. We can create budget conscious programs that can take you from smoke and mirrors to your real product so you are not spending money and time on things like building new websites and product videos, etc.

Influencer/Brand Ambassador Programs –

We strongly believe in building a community around your products. We focus heavily in creating programs for influencers and brand ambassadors as these can be some of the most cost effective strategies available for small businesses.

  • Create your own famous Bud Tender – spiff and sell to your vendors that stop by.
  • Find YouTube Influencers
  • Create your own
    • Mom Bloggers
    • Health Minded Bloggers
    • Holistic

Customer Events –

This is where you can really shine as a brand. You get to control down to the last detail what the customer experiences with your brand. What is awesome is that you have the options of doing a live event or having on online. Yes, even a webinar qualifies as a customer event! There is definitely power in educating your audience.

Be creative – The Playbook is designed to be customized for your business. When you are ready, reach out and let’s talk!


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