Trade Show Kiosk

Drawing in new customers with an attractive, functional kiosk


Kodak Alaris has a suite of products products that allow photographers and other media professionals to print and organize their images and data in order to improve workflows and serve their customers better.

The Challenge

To help promote the complete portfolio of Kodak Alaris products, the company regularly sets up booths at trade shows. With these products, however, a simple brochure or pamphlet—abundant at these types of shows—wasn’t going to offer the kind of impact the company needed. To really make an impact on trade show participants, the company needed an outside-the-box solution.

How We Helped

To give Kodak Alaris the type of experience that potential customers would remember, we came up with the idea of a touch-screen kiosk that would allow people the ability to see and feel what the product can do.

The first step was to create an app that could run on a tablet. I teamed with Mason Digital to create a memorable app experience, allowing prospective customers to connect with the product in an easy, engaging way.

I was inspired by a simple iStock photo and created a lightbox concept that could demonstrate the connectivity of the client’s product. Mason Digital took that idea to the next level, adding design and motion elements that made it really stand out.

The End Result

When the next trade show rolled around, Kodak Alaris set up a free Starbucks coffee area that drew in the crowds. The kiosks, meanwhile, were set up adjacent to the coffee area, allowing people to browse the kiosk while they waited for their coffee. That was an effective pairing, because the Kodak Alaris kiosk became one of the top features at the trade show booth.